Playing in the dirt.

Before and After

It must look as if I abandoned the blog, but I only went on vacation.  Several days away made a real difference in the garden, though, and I really appreciate my mother-in-law having kept it well-watered in my absence.  Heh.  “Well-watered.”  Because it’s well water.  I crack myself up.

Before pictures, taken on June 21:

Sugar snap pea sprout in garden soil.

Sweet pea.


Cucumber sprout in garden soil.

Baby cucumber.


Carrot sprout in garden soil.

Carrots finally began to sprout!


After pictures, taken on June 27:

Two cucumber sprouts in garden soil.

True leaves beginning to show on the cucumber sprouts.

The square where these cucumbers live actually sprouted both sets of seeds.  The other double-planted square of cucumbers has only sprouted one set of seeds, though, so I don’t even know.

Sugar snap pea seedling in garden soil.

Sweet pea, a little bigger.


Twelve French breakfast radish sprouts in garden soil.

Radish symmetry, French breakfast style.

Curiously, the French breakfast radish in each corner failed to sprout.  I find the symmetry oddly amusing.

A raised garden bed with sprouts and seedlings among a grid laid out with pink twine.

It’s starting to look garden-like!

I’m really pleased with how well things are turning out.  We should be able to begin to harvest lettuce and radishes in another couple of weeks.  My son and I split the very first produce, though, when I thinned out a few extra beet sprouts, and they were delightfully sour-green tasting, full of the promise of the eventual sweet roots.




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