Playing in the dirt.


Hi! You can call me Teaspoon.  It’s not my name, but it’s one I use from time to time, so I’m used to answering to it.  I love gardens and gardening, but I’ve had little opportunity to indulge in it.  Sometimes, with a little luck and a lot of determination, we can make an opportunity.

Food is such a basic need, but most of us are so removed from the production of it that we don’t know where our food grew, how it was raised, or what impact it had on the environment or other people.  Agribusiness undertakes the important task of producing food for a growing population, but it tends to be more highly motivated by profit than by sustainability or fair wages and safe working conditions.  Mass-production of food has both advantages and disadvantages — not everyone has access to land on which to grow food, and even those who do may not have the physical ability, the skills, or even the interest in growing their own food, but homegrown food is unlikely to be stored for long enough periods to become contaminated, and it can be grown with a more careful eye toward the use of chemicals and water.  Very few of us have the resources and wherewithal to produce all of our own food, but for those of us with both the access and the interest, a home garden can provide both entertainment and a portion of our dietary needs.

I’m starting a garden.  Pull up a patch of dirt and join me.

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