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We’re having a family emergency right now that has interrupted work on the garden.  In the meantime, let me share a few of the blogs I’ve been reading for inspiration and some vicarious gardening over the past couple of years.

You Grow Girl by Gayla Trail

You Grow Girl is one of my favorite gardening blogs.  The writing and photos are interesting and the author has managed to grow some amazing things in less than stellar conditions.  Her success gives me some hope that I’ve got a chance to make something happen, too.

Squash’s Garden by Ursula Vernon

Yes, that Ursula Vernon.  The artist who wrote Dragonbreath and Digger and who sells (not-always-suitable-for-all-audiences) art at Red Wombat Studio.  She has a spirit of impulsiveness that I identify with, and I was delighted to find out that the author of one of my all-time favorite web comics was also an avid gardener with a desire toward organic methods and native plants.

Daily Farm (at Chickens in the Road) by Suzanne McMinn

I’d love to have a farm like Suzanne’s.  That’s not really in the cards for me, so I read about Sassafras Farm and daydream about maybe having a few laying hens one day.  Reading her blog is like stopping by to chat a bit with a favorite neighbor.

Voice for Reason by “Crusty”

Crusty talks about asparagus and tomatoes and lizards and birds and turtles and pumpkins and poppies and, on occasion, politics.  He’s got an eye for beautiful things and a philosophical bent that makes me ponder all manner of things.

Gardening Boise by Megan Sutton

The newest addition to my regular reading, I’m still getting a feel for this blog, but so far, I’m enjoying it.  It’s nice to read about gardening in a place with some similar climate challenges.

I expect I’ll be able to get some garden work done this weekend, but I can only hope that I’ll be able to get to planting at this point.  That’s probably okay, because they’re calling for a bit of snow tonight, and I’m just as glad I don’t have to be out in the damp wrestling a tarp over a bed of sprouts tonight.  Please enjoy the fine blogs above, and feel free to share your favorite garden links in the comments.