Playing in the dirt.

Dream Garden

Grow Write Guild writing prompt #2 is “Describe your fantasy garden.”  I spend a lot of time in my fantasy garden, so please allow me to invite you to join me there today.

A stone path leads to an arch draped with flowering vines.  Two hummingbirds dance around and through, visiting tiny red trumpets.  Long rows of hedges meander away to either side, dotted here and there with flowers or fruit, and the low hum of bees floats warmly on a lazy afternoon breeze.  Benches tuck themselves into corners and cul-de-sacs to offer respite from the walking and the weeding.

Stepping through the arch, a five acre patch of vibrant life is bounded on all sides with hedges of various flowering and fruiting shrubs, broken in places by more festooned archways, mismatched in material and vines alike.  In the center, a grove of nut trees shades a sweet spring that trickles over small boulders to fill a small pond stocked with fish and water-loving plants.  Small green frogs plop into the water or catch bugs on the shore.  An enamel cup hangs from a nearby branch, and a trick of the light shows its fellows tucked about on handy twigs, inviting those who enter to partake.

Stone walkways wander among various beds, edibles and flowers interspersed.  Here, glass gem corn grows among feathery dill, and low bean bushes follow the curved south edge.  There, bee balm reaches high behind a bed of zucchini dotted with  dwarf nasturtiums.  Standoffish sunflowers pay their respects to Apollo in a bed all their own, and fruit trees cluster in several places, offering shade to beds of lettuce and and shy coralbells and hellebores, watching over hostas and trellised peas.

Shocks of tall green grasses poke up among root vegetables, waiting only time to turn golden and heavy with grain.  Everbearing strawberries offer sweet fruit, and elderberries make a thicket of potential marking time until they become jam or wine.

Beehives sit in opposite corners, as tiny commuters take to their traffic lanes, heading out to work at collecting pollen then back in again to put it up for winter as sticky sweet honey.  Hammocks sway invitingly among the trees near the pond, and it is there, dear reader, that I will leave you to your own devices, and you may feel free to roam about and sample the edibles.  I’m going to climb into that hammock right there and pull my hat over my face for a while.


Comments on: "Dream Garden" (8)

  1. I love your vision, and would love a garden like this, too, if only someone else would care for it! One of the blessings of my tiny yards is that I can fill them to the brim with wonderful stuff and yet upkeep can only get so crazy. That said, it would be great if there were room for bees…My response to Prompt #2 is here:

    • Oh, yes, my dream garden also comes with enough independent wealth to either be able to garden full time or to hire a staff of gardeners! I’m looking forward to reading all the responses to this prompt!

  2. What a lovely garden you have! If you don’t mind, I’ll pass you a glass of lemonade and attempt to not turn myself out of the hammock.

  3. Wow, your dream garden sounds lovely! I can tell you have spent a lot of time thinking about it. I love the mix of flowers and vegetables! I definitely want to spend time in one of those hammocks!

    Here’s mine… My Dream Garden


  4. Everything about your dream garden sounds wonderful. But I really like the idea of being enclosed by evergreen hedges. One of the best things about a garden can be retreating from the world.

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