Playing in the dirt.

More Sprouts

There are a few more sprouts tonight.  A second cucumber (the first really was a cucumber), a third spinach, a couple more radishes and half a dozen more beets have come up.  The beets will need to be thinned a bit, since it appears I dropped two or three seeds into a couple of holes, but it’s still not the tedious task that is row planting or scatter planting.

A cucumber sprout in garden soil.

I’m a cucumber!

I also found my first lettuce sprout this evening, one of the Forellenschluss.

A Forellenschluss lettuce sprout in garden soil.

Baby lettuce!

The $300 turnip did not make it.  [Moment of silence.]  But a second turnip has sprouted, so there is yet hope for tasty homegrown turnips!

A turnip sprout in garden soil.

$300 Turnip Two: Electric Boogaloo.



Comments on: "More Sprouts" (2)

  1. I’m so glad you’ve had more sprouts come up! In my experience they almost always take longer than the package says they will, especially outside. 🙂

  2. But I want my instant gratification now! 😀 Lazy seeds.

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