Playing in the dirt.

Second Planting

Two weeks after first planting, and I still only have the single turnip sprout, so I’ve done my second round of planting today.  As it turns out, the radishes should have come up in 4-6 days, so they’re definitely overdue!

I planted the second square of each type of lettuce, replanted all three squares of peas and replanted two of the three squares of cucumbers (then ran out of cucumber seeds, so the third cucumber square will become something else, maybe spinach, or maybe some more beets, which are like candy you can put in stew).  Then I planted the fourth row in the same pattern as the third row.  I could have just replanted everything where I started it, but I figure this way will let any sleepy seeds that are still thinking about sprouting have a chance to do so.

The new grid:

4x8 grid of plantings in garden bed.

Second verse, not quite the same.


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