Playing in the dirt.

I was pretty discouraged when the only signs of life in the garden last night were a couple of ants and a tiny grasshopper.  I had intended to plant some more seeds, but the wind was positively howling, so I surrendered and just watered it.

But tonight! Tonight! I have a sprout!  One, solitary, hesitant, gorgeous turnip sprout.  I am positively over the moon, and have put off second-pass planting until Sunday.

A turnip sprout in garden soil.

The $300 turnip.


Comments on: "Three Hundred Dollar Turnip" (2)

  1. Ugh, the wind!! I had waited to plant my seedlings, and I’m glad I did since we had a huge windstorm Monday evening. I planted most of my plants Wednesday and yesterday, and we have another wind warning for tonight… I hope things settle down soon.

    I’m sure more of your seeds will sprout soon! 🙂

    • I hope so. I think the first few nights were still too cold for them to be interested in waking up, so I should see more of them in another day or two. No new ones this morning, but the $300 turnip doubled in size overnight.

      I hope you’ve got some way to set up a windbreak for your baby plants — it’s supposed to be windy here all weekend.

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